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We are pleased to share with you our new school menu. Here is a list of the school dinner menu for this week.
Please note that there may be occasional changes due to unforseen circumstances and availability issues outside of our control.

Please note that there will be a Halal and Non-halal version of the main choice every Tuesday and Thursday. You should indicate if you wish the Halal version.

Monday Crispy Salmon Goujons or Sweet Potato and Red Lentil Korma or Vegetable Spring Roll with Sweet chilli sauce
Tuesday Italian Meatballs with a Rich Tomato Sauce (Halal or Non-Halal) or Macaroni Cheese with Crispy Topping or Jacket Potatoes with Baked Beans/Cheese
Wednesday Sausages with Caramelised Onions or Quorn Sausage Hot Pot or Vegetable Samosa
Thursday Roast Honey Glazed Sticky Chicken (Halal or Non-Halal) or Roasted Vegetable Lasagne or Jacket Potatoes with Baked Beans/Cheese
Friday Fish Fingers or Mexican Vegetable Fajitas or Crispy Homemade Battered Cod with Lemon

A selection of potatoes, vegetables, breads, fresh fruits and salads available daily. Healthy cakes available occasionally.

For all of the details, please look at the full 3 week cycle of dinner menus in this handy PDF document.