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The most recent Ofsted report was published in November 2018. Here is an excerpt from the report.

This is a good school.

  • We agreed to look at how effectively leaders, including governors, ensure that pupils make at least good progress. This is something you have been focusing on in your plans. You have new systems in place to monitor the quality of learning and teaching, and the progress of pupils, which is good throughout the school. Pupils would make better progress if they settled more quickly at the beginning of key stage 3. You are seeking to improve the transition process to the school.
  • As a result of your monitoring, you have been able to address weaknesses in teaching. Your effective action has ensured that disadvantaged pupils make good progress in all areas of the curriculum. Middle leaders regularly monitor their subjects and take action to address any gaps.
  • Teachers adapt their lessons to meet the specific needs of all pupils at the school. There are regular opportunities for pupils to practise their communication and social skills in a wide range of interesting ways, including in the community.
  • Next, we agreed to look at how well the school’s curriculum prepares pupils and students for the next stage in their education and for adulthood. The curriculum is rich and varied. You have made sure that pupils have appropriate subject choices, and you use progress information well to adapt the curriculum to suit individual pupils. Several new additions to the curriculum are proving effective for the wide range of needs of pupils at the school.
  • The curriculum supports pupils to keep themselves safe and to be as independent as possible as adults. For example, pupils learn how to use public transport, banks and shops.
  • In personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education, pupils learn about the similarities and differences between people. Pupils are encouraged to develop British values, such as tolerance and respect for others.
  • Finally, we agreed to look at how well you and your staff support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. You evaluate this to be an area of strength in the school. The curriculum, together with effective teaching, promote this area well.
  • You provide a wide range of additional activities, such as whole-school projects, and sporting and cultural events, inside and outside school. As a result, pupils have opportunities to extend their understanding of the world around them. For example, they practise important life skills such as safe cycling. These additional activities contribute to pupils being better prepared for their future lives as independent adults.

Gary Pocock, Ofsted Inspector

Please read the full Ofsted report