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The Government is making a sum of money available to all schools to allow them to continue to develop sports provision and to help increase pupil participation in sporting activity. For our school this is approximately 8100 per year. Each and every child in the school will benefit from this sports grant.

Lump Sum


Amount received per extra pupil (£5 x 20)


Total Amount


Objectives of Spending:

  • To Improve the provision for PE at Little Heath School
  • To broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to students
  • To offer PE related opportunities to more students
  • To encourage a love for sport and physical activity that will continue throughout adulthood

Record of Spending by Item / Project

Item / Project




Multi-Sensory Equipment

  • Acrylic Mirror
  • Rainbow Flashing Ball
  • Massage rollers


To develop a curriculum that is tailored for our ASD pupils

  • Increased participation
  • Levels of progress have been raised
  • Students have gained confidence

Sports Equipment

  • Table Top Cricket
  • Wheelchair Table Tennis
  • Dance Scarves
  • Mini Trampoline


To broaden curriculum

  • An increase in inclusive sports within the curriculum
  • Expansion of the gymnastics curriculum
  • Improvements in fine and gross motor skills



To increase assessment

  • Increased assessment opportunities
  • Students able to develop skills in recording by videoing each other
  • Use of video so students can offer immediate peer / self-evaluation

Dance Instructors


To increase students’ skills and enthusiasm in dance

  • Increase in skills and dance levels
  • Improved confidence
  • Better co-ordination

Offsite Opportunities

  • Elhap visits
  • Redbridge Cycling Centre


To increase the number of students able to take part in offsite sporting opportunities

  • Increased enjoyment in sport
  • Introduction of new sporting experiences