Little Heath School

KS3 and KS4: Formal Curriculum

We provide a comprehensive range of subjects based on the National Curriculum, tailored to the unique needs of our learners. We prioritise subjects that develop essential life skills and knowledge. For instance, we do not have a separate Modern Foreign Languages course but instead organise multicultural days to expose students to different cultures, focusing on functional communication skills. Similarly, Design Technology is integrated into our Expressive Arts and Design sessions. 

Communication and Social Interaction are central elements of our curriculum, underpinning all aspects of learning. We recognise the value of various learning opportunities throughout the day, including transition breaks and leisure times. 

Reading is fundamental to our curriculum, as it is an essential life skill. We encourage reading for all students, recognising its pivotal role in their employability, independent living, and overall pleasure. Reading serves as a gateway to participation in all areas of our curriculum. 

This Pathway provides an appropriately adjusted and scaffolded National Curriculum to allow the children and young people to enjoy programmes of study similar to those delivered in mainstream schools.

We support our pupils to gain a variety of accreditations including Entry Levels 2in various subjects and GCSEs in English, Mathematics and Art  for those young people who have the ability. These accreditations sit alongside the core subjects to create a full and ambitious curriculum at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. Pupils on this pathway usually move into our own Sixth Form or to full time college provision. Many later access Supported Internships and paid employment.

Click on the relevant subject file below for an overview of breadth and scope of the curriculum for the Formal Pathway

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