Little Heath School

The School Day

School starts at 08:30am and finishes at 15:00pm on Monday to Thursday, and on Friday school ends at 14:00pm.

School starts at 08:30am.

The gates open at 8.30am.  A number of pupils attending Little Heath travel by transport provided by the local authority; however this is not an automatic right. Parent/carers need to apply to their local authority to obtain transport.  Intensive independent travel training is given to those who are ready, but this is only offered after consultation with parents/carers.

Pupils arriving by school transport are met by staff at the school gate at the West Ham car park.  There are always adults supervising. If you bring your child to school after registration, please accompany him/her to the school office.


Students can have breakfast in their classroom during registration. This is £1 per day, to be paid in  advance, or free for Free School Meal entitled students.


Food and drinks available:

  • Cereals
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Toast
  • Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate
  • Fruit Juice


School finishes at 15:00pm on Monday to Thursday, and on Friday school ends at 14:00pm.

At the end of the day pupils are taken to their designated bus by school staff and met by their escorts at the gate and taken to the buses in the West Ham Car Park.

If your child is to be collected by parents/carers we ask parents to come to the main school car park and wait behind the gates.

Those who are independent travellers arrive and leave the school by the pedestrian gate.

If your son/daughter arrives by school transport they will have an escort on the bus. Letters to and from home, and dinner money etc., can be given to the escort who will pass these between home and school.