Little Heath School



A number of children travel to and from Little Heath School via transport provided by the local authority; however this is not an automatic right and parents/carers need to apply to their local authority to obtain transport. If your child is absent or does not need transport for any reason you need to cancel transport as well as informing the school.
Once they become more independent, students are assessed to be independent travellers and training can be given either by the school staff or via Redbridge transport staff.


If you live in Redbridge you can find further information on their website:


Redbridge - SEN Home to School Transport


The contact details for those using Redbridge transport is:


SEN Home to School Travel Assistance
9th Floor Rear
Lynton House
55-259 High Road Ilford

Tel: 0208 708 8214
Tel: 0208 708 5001(out of hours)