Little Heath School

Sequential Learning Across Key Stages

Key Stage 3 

Laying the foundations to prepare pupils for life in Modern Britain 


Pupils are supported when transitioning from Key Stage 2 into a new school and learning in Key Stage 3 with focus on developing self-confidence as learners at their level of ability. 


CAREERS & World of Work (WOW) – DISCOVER: internal work tasters (Formal Curriculum: across the school; Semi-formal & Pre-formal: in class). 


Key Stage 3 has a particular focus on supporting pupils to transition to an adaptive Secondary model of education. 


Key Stage 4 

Building on previous knowledge for life in Modern Britain 


Pupils are supported when transitioning from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 with focus on developing more independence as learners at their level of ability. 


CAREERS & World of Work (WOW) - EXPLORE: internal & external work tasters (general experiences of different fields of work linked to specific work-related learning). 


There are specific accreditation routes for KS4 including GCSE. 


Key Stage 5 – Sixth Form 

Creating independent, self-aware and fulfilled citizens 


Students are supported when transitioning from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 with focus on preparation for adulthood at their level of ability. 


CAREERS & World of Work (WOW) - EXPERIENCE: internal & external work experience (more specifically linked to the ‘job profiles’ prepared as part of specific work-related learning which takes place at the beginning of the school year). 


Key Stage 5 has a specific learning programme with areas of learning which focus on Preparation for Adulthood. 


The Sixth Form – KS 5 provision at LHS is specifically designed for young people aged 16-19 with severe learning difficulties, complex needs or ASD-type conditions who need further work on their life-skills before moving onto college or other provisions.   


Our curriculum focuses on a wide range of life-skills to help young people live as independent and fulfilled lives as possible, relative to their individual starting points.  


The KS5 Curriculum has the following areas of learning which feature in the CD Wheel curriculum and assessment system created specifically for LHS: 

  • Community Learning
  • Functional Skills
  • Holistic Learning
  • Independent Living
  • Work Related Learning


We currently follow Entry level ASDAN programmes to ensure our students achieve nationally recognised qualifications.   


Community learning is an important part of our life-skills programme and we aim to take students out regularly into the local area, usually by public transport.  All students take part in work-related learning including regular work tasters.  


Students will usually be taught in small classes of approximately six to ten students and supported by skilled Learning Support Assistants. Each class has a class teacher and also has access to subject specific teachers as appropriate.  


The KS5 provision at LHS is currently housed in two blocks including well-equipped and spacious classrooms, two teaching kitchens, access to a bedroom suite for the teaching of home-management, access to outdoor areas including outdoor gym, adventure playground and horticulture area.   


The Sixth Form building is modern and accessible with a lift and disabled toilet (including hoist equipment).  Students have access to the LHS sports hall, Music and Art rooms. 

There is an increased focus in Preparation for Adulthood through CAREERS and World of Work (WOW).