Little Heath School

Parent / Carer Contact Information

Each parent/carer should have completed a form giving home and work phone numbers of parent/carers. If neither parent/carer can be contacted during the day, the name, address and phone number of a responsible adult for contact, should be provided. We request at least 2 contact people.

Home / School Communication Books

Parents/carers have the option to use a Home/School Book, serving as a communication tool. This resource allows you to convey important information to the teacher, such as appointments, achievements, concerns, and sleep patterns. Staff can also provide brief updates on your child's day. However, it's important to note that the Home/School Book is not intended for details about the specific academic work undertaken by the child during the day, as this information is covered in reports and newsletters.

The information shared in the Home/School Book will vary based on the unique needs of each student, and agreements on communication methods will be established and documented during the Outcomes meeting.

Acceptable Adult Behaviour

The school maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards verbal or physical aggression or threats on our premises, directed at our students, staff, parents/carers, or visitors. We kindly request all family members on-site to conduct themselves with respect toward others. In case of any unacceptable behaviour, the school may involve the police if deemed necessary. We anticipate that language used on-site will be suitable and courteous. The school reserves the right to restrict access to the premises, either temporarily or permanently, for any adults displaying inappropriate behaviour.