Little Heath School

Key Stage 3 and 4 Overview

Little Heath School follows a broad and balanced curriculum for pupils with a range of special educational needs with levels of ability ranging from initial stages of subject specific learning to National Curriculum GCSE levels. 

Our Curriculum, taught by experienced teachers and support staff, aim at all our pupils achieving their best potential at their own level. The Curriculum aims to meet the needs of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities including those on the Autism Spectrum who have been identified as requiring a specialist provision. All our pupils have Educational, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and each Individual Educational Plan (IEP) specifies targets directly related to the EHCP outcomes. 

The pupils are placed in their respective classes based on their chronological age. Students are then placed in one of three pathways, according to their individual needs and their cognitive starting points: Pre-Formal; Semi-Formal; and Formal. Alongside this, compatibility and class dynamics are key components when grouping pupils in each class. Class numbers vary from but generally there are up to 6 pupils in pre-formal classes, 8 pupils in semi-formal classes, and 10 pupils in formal classes.  

We cover all core curriculum subjects and a broad range of subjects which enhance the pupil’s learning opportunities.  Content is drawn from the National Curriculum, Equals – Schemes of Work and our own themes developed to suit the specific needs and levels of ability of our pupils. 

Our pupils are encouraged to develop a positive approach towards school life and are supported to become motivated, hardworking, and confident individuals. All pupils begin at the school with a variety of experiences, opportunities and needs. It is our responsibility to build upon their previous learning experiences and take them further in their education in preparation for adult life. 

We encourage the pupils to develop a sense of pride, care, and sensitivity towards themselves, each other, the school, and the wider community. Our curriculum emphasises cognitive learning, communication, and social development. 

The LHS Curriculum is planned and delivered in a flexible and innovative way based on the needs, interests and learning styles of each pupil. This takes on board learning across a range of environments and accessing the range of resources and expertise available. There is a clear emphasis on developing independence from the outset which continues across all Key Stages. 

Communication and Social Interaction are core elements encompassing all aspects of the curriculum, providing a platform for learning. There is an understanding of the importance of the wide range of learning opportunities that are inherent across the day for example transition breaks and leisure times.

For a yearly overview of the curriculum structure for each subject, please click on the relevant link below (the information will be downloaded as a PDF document).